No interest or at a loss on how to create a website for your business?   
Let me help you.

Hi, I am Jeanne Duerst, owner of JD Online Web Design.

I have been creating beautiful and powerful websites for my clients using Squarespace.

I switched three years ago!

Why Squarespace?  For 5 years I created websites in WordPress.  It became more and more cumbersome tying all the components and companies together - hosting, theme, security, plugins -  for back-up, to block spam, for e-commerce, for photo galleries, etc.  You get the picture.

I wanted a better product for my client!

Squarespace allows me to create beautiful, contemporary and powerful websites for my clients with no add-ons or plugins.  And Squarespace's monthly cost is lower than using WordPress with all the added fees.

What I tell my clients...

The three in most important things you can do for your business:

  • Have an appealing and professionally designed website - it is your customer's first impression! 
  • Build your own email list via your website - if Facebook goes away (gasp) you will not be left on a limb.
  • Use the right Social Media for your business - do you really need Twitter?

My career spans over twenty-five years in marketing and sales within the corporate world - GE, Nynex, Ameridata and others. As Marketing Director for a highly visible non-profit, I used online and traditional forms of marketing.  I have created 3 websites for Dignity Health Foundations.  I am also a professional photographer - with an eye for design!

Like what you are reading?  Let’s get together to create a beautiful website for you!